King of the Mount 2018

A trail run up Mount Remarkable in the Southern Flinders Ranges


It’s a 7.8KM unrelenting climb to the summit. Can you run it?

Great fun for groups

Any event is more fun with friends. Get some mates together and tackle the mount as a group!

Great fun for groups

Any event is more fun with friends. Get some mates together and tackle the mount as a group!


Even the kids love the event. They cross off a pretty big milestone and have fun doing so!


Even the kids love the event. They cross off a pretty big milestone and have fun doing so!


It’s a 7.8KM unrelenting climb to the summit. Can you run it?

John Csongei

John Csongei

King of the Mount, 2017

I’d like to say that it was a well organised event along a very challenging and spectacular course. I can understand why many people made the trip to Melrose for one of the best trail experiences the State has to offer. When I was running it seemed like a relentlessly long hill, but it was short enough that I was able to push myself and keep focused.”

Renae Kretchmer

Renae Kretchmer

Queen of the Mount, 2017

This was my first trail run event, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The team from ‘In The Flinders’ did a great job organising and promoting the event. It was a great trail up the mount, well marked and with three aid stations along the way. It was quite a run to summit, and I was able to pace myself with another competitor. Great soup at the summit too! A very enjoyable, well run event that I was happy to be involved in. I am honoured to be the inaugural ‘Queen of the Mount’!!! See you next year!”.

Luca Lee-Bruce

Luca Lee-Bruce

Prince of the Mount, 2017

“The best part was that I got to do it with my friends and I hope that the event will be on again next year.”

Matilda Miller

Matilda Miller

Princess of the Mount, 2017

I loved the scenery and camping in Melrose the night before the race – dad had booked a cabin, but my friend Olivia and I stayed in our tent which was really cosy.  It was Olivia’s first trail race so we were both nervous, but everyone was so nice and friendly that the nerves disappeared.  The hot soup on the summit was amazing, but the best thing was my beautiful trophy, thank you all so much!


This is the unmissable trail running experience of the Southern Flinders Ranges. Join us for an awesome day out!

Course Details

3D map of King of the Mount and Melrose

Race Rules

Please familiarise yourself with the rules below. Further instructions will be mailed out the event briefing prior to the event day. If you have any questions, please phone us on 0428 887 845. You can also contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

Please be safe on the roads. Our country roads are home to kangaroos and cyclists. Travel slowly and take caution at dawn and dusk when either kangaroos or cyclists tend to be on the road.

Race Day Procedure

Due to the confined nature of the trails and the potential for a congestion of participants, we may have staggered starts if there are a significant number of participants. Details will be announced in the event briefing which will go out to all entrants prior to the race day. Bib pickups be available from 8am. The event opening will be performed at 9am, with the first wave of starters taking place soon afterwards.

To ensure everyone safely enters and exits the course we require all participants to check-in and check-out.

Check-ins: Please check-in at the registration tent before lining up at the start line (we’ll check you in when you collect your bib).

As you cross the finish line we will mark you as complete and record your time. Participants will then be able to rest at the summit before proceeding to walk down the dedicated return trail. There are two trails to the summit, and each trail will be one-way to avoid collisions. Please follow the signs and volunteer directions carefully.

Check-out: When you leave course at the base of the mount you are required to check-out at the registrations tent. You are still required to check-out if you are unable to complete the race. This will allow us to ensure that you have safely left the course. Failure to do so may result in us marking you as missing and a recovery team sent to find you on the mount.

It is vital that we keep people safe and know if you are still on the course. If you cannot complete the course, please inform the volunteers at the registration tent when you exit. If you are unable to do so yourself please organise someone else to check-out for you.

Registrations and Bibs

Registrations will close midnight on Friday 17th of August. Early bird tickets will go on sale throughout 2018. Like our Facebook page to keep up with our announcements and ensure you don’t miss out.

Bibs will not be mailed out. Bibs are to be picked up on the event day at the information marquee. Please let us know if you pick up your bib but do not intend to participate (because of injury etc).

If you want to have your name printed on your bib your entry must be received by midnight Friday 3rd August.

Volunteers are always welcome. If you would like to help out on the day, please call us on 0428 887 845.

Mandatory Equipment

All participants are expected to carry the following mandatory items. These are required for your own safety.

  • Mobile phone. Telstra and Optus coverage throughout the course should be quite good. Program in the race director’s phone number in case of emergency (to be supplied in your event briefing).
  • Space blanket. These are available for a couple of dollars from all good pharmacies and sports stores.
  • Somewhere to store your rubbish (eg a pocket). Do not leave your rubbish out on the course!

The following items are not mandatory but are highly recommended:

  • A compression bandage.
  • A hydration container such as a handheld bottle, a hydration pack (eg a camelbak) or bottle belt. You will be able to refill from aid stations and the start/finish areas.
Course Maps

The course will be marked with confidence tape, course divergence signs and wrong way signs where needed. The majority of the course will take place on wide single trail with very few diverging paths.


The course starts at the base of the monument road in the Melrose Caravan Park campgrounds. There will be a partial road closure inside the campgrounds on the day of the event.


The finish is the summit of Mt Remarkable. From the summit, there is an alternate trail back down to the base which has been designated the dedicated return trail. The return trail is the ‘old’ trail and forms part of the Heysen Trail.

Car Parking

There will be a partial road closure of Joes Road on Sunday 19th of August. The road closure will be in the Melrose Caravan Park campgrounds around the starting area. There will be limited parking in the campgrounds on the day of the event.

We recommend that you find parking out the front of the North Star Hotel, around the tennis courts, or along the main street of Melrose.

Race Day Etiquette

The course begins on bitumen with a steep climb out of the campgrounds. After this, the course quickly narrows and the remainder of the course takes place on wide single trail.

If you need to pass another entrant on the single trail, please make yourself know as you approach by calling out.

If you hear someone coming from behind, please move to the inside of the trail and allow the other competitor to pass you on the outside.


There will be established toilets in the campgrounds at the start location. There are no toilets in the national park or at the finish line!

Hydration and Aid Stations

We will not be offering disposable cups at the aid stations. You will be required to bring your own hydration container for use at the race. This can be a hydration vest (for example, a Camelbak), drink belts, or handheld water bottles. You will be able to refill your water bottle at the aid stations.


You are entering a national park for this event. There are no rubbish bins along the trail. You will need to be mindful of taking out what you bring in. Please ensure you do not litter. This is especially important with energy gels. Please help us respect the environment and cart out what you bring in.

Follow directions

Race marshals and volunteers may ask you to follow instructions at various times throughout the event. Please listen and do as directed to help keep the day flowing smoothly.

Registration Cancellations and Transfers

There will be a $10 fee for ticket refunds to cover our expenses. If you need to cancel your ticket and request a refund, please contact the event organisers promptly.

Event registrations can be transferred to another party. Please contact the event organiser with your request.

The event organiser can be contacted via email to or phone 0428 887 845.

Event Cancellation

Due to the isolated nature of the course, the event will be cancelled if the weather is considered unsafe to proceed. Procedures are in place to monitor the weather in the lead up to the event and inform all entrants in a timely manner if there are expected to be any problems with the weather. Please ensure we have up to date contact details. Notifications will be sent out via SMS and email.

Cancellation due to extreme weather will occur if there is a combination of strong winds, rain, and low temperatures. This trio of conditions will result in a sheep graziers warning. Cancellation will also occur if there are thunderstorms forecast on race day.The race directors say is final.

In the unlikelihood of an event cancellation, the race will be rescheduled to the nearest possible date.  If competitors are unable to participate in the rescheduled event, credit will be made available for future events, or refunds will be provided upon request.

The race directors say is final.

Participant Categorisations and King of the Mount Titles.

Entrants will be categorised by their sex and age on the day of the event. Based on these categorisations, there will be a King, Queen, Princess and Prince of the Mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs permitted?

The majority of the event takes part in National Park which prohibits dogs. For the section at the start outside of National Park land, dogs are likewise not permitted on the course alongside runners/walkers. Accredited disability dogs/guide dogs/hearing dogs are permitted as per requirements under state and federal legislation.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

There are no ID requirements, but entrants under 14 years old on race day will be required to participate with a registered guardian.

What do I need to bring?

There is some mandatory equipment that participants will need to bring. Please check the race rules for further info.

Spectators are encouraged to bring picnic blankets and chairs. Bring some money for a BBQ and refreshments which will be available at the campgrounds near the start-line.

What refreshments will be available?

At the staging area in the campgrounds, we will have a BBQ and drinks for sale. Down the main street of Melrose, you will find 2 hotels and a general store which will have additional supplies available. There is no alcohol at the event.

What other activities are happening on the day?


A nearby creek with plenty of nature play opportunities, several tennis courts, a playground, and a beautiful lawned park are all nearby and offer a range of activities.

The area also has some fantastic geocaches hidden away. Make sure you bring a GPS capable mobile phone and look up nearby geocaches when you are visiting.

What are my transport options?

Melrose is not serviced by public transport. You can catch the Premier bus service from Adelaide to Port Pirie. There are taxis available in Port Pirie, but be aware that Port Pirie is a 40-minute drive from Melrose and the taxi fare may be substantial.

You can walk from most accommodation providers to the start line, including the camping area located at the showgrounds just north of Melrose.

Parking is available on the main street, around the tennis courts, and opposite the North Star Hotel.

Where will I find accommodation?

Melrose is home to BnBs, 2 hotels, and rental houses that cater from couples to large groups. You can find the accommodation options at

There are also campsites, caravan pads, and cabins available at the Melrose Caravan Park.

Lastly, there are plenty of campsites available at the Melrose showgrounds, about 1km north of the township. The showgrounds cover around 90 acres and most of that area is available for camping. You will find a caretaker living at the showground entrance that can direct you further and take your money.

What services does Melrose have?

FOOD: Melrose has a general convenience store on the main street, as well as 2 pubs. There is no bank, but both hotels have ATMs available. Both pubs are famous around the district for their food and atmosphere; you can’t beat a good drink and a great feed in a warm pub with a fireplace on a cold winters day!

FUEL: The Melrose general store has fuel available. Wilmington (15min north) and Wirrabara (20min south) both have fuel available as well. Wirrabara has a 24hr fuel station which operates via an automated credit card system on weekends. Booleroo (20min north east) has an ATM and has unattended 24hr fuel via an automated system.

HOSPITAL: Booleroo Centre (20 min north east) has a hospital available and is serviced by 2 doctors. There is a pharmacy and a medical centre (both closed on weekends).

NEAREST MAJOR TOWN: Port Augusta and Port Pirie are both around 40min by car. Both towns are major regional centres where you will find all major conveniences including several large supermarket and shopping chains, fast food, 24hr petrol stations and more.


This is the unmissable trail running experience of the Southern Flinders Ranges. Join us for an awesome day out!