We are super pleased with the turnout for our inaugural event! Thanks to everyone for your support!

It was fantastic to see such a strong crowd of enthusiastic runners making such short work of the race. The start of the race actually began on a particularly gruelling steep ascent, and it was interesting to see how many people took off with a dash. By the end everyone seemed able to muster a last burst of energy to get themselves across the line with a big grin. The top 13 runners all managed to finish with a sub hour result.

The family atmosphere at the startline and grinning faces before and after the race confirmed our expectations that everyone had a ball.

No injuries, lost runners, or other incidents marred the event and helped wrap up what was a great weekend for everyone involved.

Thanks to our volunteers, DWNR, and the District Council of Mount Remarkable for their crucial support, without which this event would not have been possible. Please consider checking it out next year; we have plans to make it bigger and better again!

Photos and videos will be published online at the same location very soon and will also be visible on their Facebook feed, http://facebook.com/kingofthemount

The full list of results can be found here:

In The Flinders is a nature based tour operator in the Southern Flinders Ranges. Started by partners Al Clarke and Quinten van der Werf, In The Flinders draws upon their combined business and outdoor experiences to provide their customers with the best guided trail walks and trail running events in SA. In The Flinders was also the recent recipient of a $15k grant to purchase one of South Australia’s only trail-capable wheelchairs which will enable people with physical disabilities to enjoy the same freedom on the trails that until now has only been accessible by able-bodied people.

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